My name is Liz Kelly. I reside in North Texas with my husband, son and our two labs. I have been working with dogs since 2007. I started on my own when the owners of Tioga Retrievers (where I was training obedience dogs at the time) retired. Tioga Retrievers obedience program was one of the only few like it in the area. I have always had a strong passion for dogs, and I have worked with them in many areas. My goal at Texas K-9 Academy is to help people build a lasting, and trusting relationship with their dog.

Other training approaches may not create the shift in your dogs mindset needed to have a consistently well behaved dog. Working at Tioga Retrievers helped me develop a philosophy and taught me approaches that have proved effective with every dog I have worked with to date.

Tim and Angie Becker from Tioga Retrievers taught me how to teach and lead a dog with leadership. How we can simply change a few habits, or make a few habits that will help us communicate better with our dogs. We can also maintain leadership with just a simple shift in the things we do with our dogs every day. Sometimes we view our dog as an equal, I’m guilty of this, but it’s important to remember that they are an animal. They communicate differently then we do and sometimes we are unaware of the message we are giving them. We want to establish and maintain a relationship where they know what you are wanting and saying.

It is my passion to help dogs and their owners, and it was my time at Tioga Retrievers that really helped me develop my skills to offer value to others. I have two labs, and there are no words to express how much we enjoy everything they have brought to our family, and I want everyone to have the opportunity to have that. I enjoy seeing the transformation they undergo, and how happy they are to please you. A well behaved dog is a life long companion; you will treasure for years to come. I live in Oak Point, TX (just south of 380 in between Little Elm and Aubrey) and serve all of North Texas. Please send an e-mail or call with any questions or for more information. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned during my time at Tioga Retrievers, and from my own experience, with you and your dog.